Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sanding the Posts & Lathe Mash-up!

Well...Sanding the leg posts presented a challenge right off the bat.  It's very time consuming and difficult to hand-sand round pieces. I needed a hack a few available tools to get the job done... I had a small Taig metal lathe and thought I could rig up a temporary tail piece to accept the longer leg post.  I pulled out the bench vice and fastened it to the workbench. I also fastened the lathe to the bench as well. Using the live center from the lathe, I clamped it into the bench vise and it worked great!

I was able to get about 95% of the stain off the leg - enough to re-stain. The (square) ends I hand sanded afterwards....

To mount the leg in the chuck, I cut off the end of a drum stick and just happened to fit snug in the end of the leg.  The other end I just used a center punch to create a dimple for the live center.

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