Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Key Tops: Done!

I got back to working on the keys since I'm just about done with all the stripping & sanding of the veneer.  Once the key tops are glued to the key levers, I very carefully trim off the overhang to match the shape of the key levers.
I make very light passes as to not sand into the wood. If that happens, the gaps between the keys will be larger which won't look too good. I think I did a pretty decent job.

Once the keys are trimmed on the belt sander, I use a small hobby miter saw to trim the part where the sharps fit into. It's important to match the angle of the cut in the key lever so the sharps don't get hung up on the white keys.
I carefully cut down then turn the blade on it's side and cut horizontally to remove the tiny sliver. Then I use a file to cleanup and smooth the inside corner.

To remove the sharps. I put the key lever in a vice so that the it's clamped right at the line where the sharp is attached to the lever. Then with a hammer.....
....I knock the ebony clean off the top of the lever.  I only had to fix about 3 levers where the wood split and it didn't separate right at the glue line...Not too bad. The rest separated clean like in the photo.

Here are the keys in place on the key frame. I installed the new felt on all the pins and they'll be ready to be adjusted using the paper punchings once the frame is mounted back onto the key bed.

I'm very happy with all the gaps and how nice the new tops look. Can't wait to get it all put back together.

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