Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ever gone piano tipping?

The piano's on it's back. Got my neighbor to help, not an easy task.  Going to replace the castors and pedals and remove any other cabinet pieces for refinishing.

Took a while to get the castors off and then removed the skid board from the bottom of the piano.

Have one broken pedal.  I'm going to get shiny new pedals and clean up the bottom. There was a crack along the lower edge of the skid board.  Just need glue and some clamps to fix that up nice.
The old rusty castors before removal.

I think I've removed everything I can from the cabinet. I still may remove the lower board with the pedal slots. I think the finish has glued it in place. I tried using a rubber mallet to knock it loose and I got one end loose so far. The more I can remove, the easier the cabinet will be to strip, sand, and refinish. (update: I did finally get that lower board removed and sanded).

I need to get a tarp or plastic drop cloth to tape over the harp & soundboard while stripping & sanding to keep the dust & crud out of the strings and off the soundboard.  Will be ready to start chemical stripping very soon, just need the new casters on and flip it back upright.

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